A new phase

March 25, 2013

I decided to go into therapy.  I met with two therapists, both of whom I liked.  For the near-term I’ve decided to keep meeting with a therapist who focuses on cognitive behavior therapy techniques that may help with some of the issues I have related to overeating, anxiety and self-esteem.  I had the misguided notion that simply the act of deciding to seek psychological help for these issues would be the lightening bolt that would shift my behavior immediately.  Well, after three weeks, all is pretty much the same!   I know I need to give it a few months at least.


One thing that I have discovered is that I really eat food as an “escape.”  It’s very much a thing to do.  I generally don’t sit down and compulsively eat indiscriminately in response to stressors.  Instead, following a stressful day, I will relax by going out and getting very specific somewhat high-end foods and prepare an evening of eating by myself.  My therapist wants to work on managing anxiety — possibly raising my anxiety for the sole purpose of figuring out ways to handle that anxiety and be comfortable with just being with that anxiety.

Been in a good mood today — one of those dancing in the streets kinda days for no real reason.


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