The screw up

April 24, 2011

Yesterday I was just super depressed.  I’ve been feeling in a funk for the past few days.  I think it’s because my ankle has been acting up, which always freaks me out as I have had multiple surgeries on it, gotten the all clear to run for the doctor, but it hasn’t been “right” it seems since an injury almost 10 years ago.   So I always go into a mental tizzy asking if I reinjured it or damaged the bone that was repaired.   I’ve been debating not running, but running doesn’t seem to exacerbate it, plus I really need to train for my race.   I am however going to make an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon for a check up.

So what did I do in the most knowing and mostly planned manner?   Yesterday I woke up and ate a healthy breakfast- one egg, one egg white, one piece of multigrain toast, coffee with milk.  Then I did my Jillian Michaels cardio resistance work for 50 minutes.  Then a healthy lunch — turkey bacon blt, one piece of string cheese, apple.   And then for snacks and dinners throughout I had many: cookies, bacon wrapped dates, mini pigs in blankets, marshmellows, a plate of pasta (at least it was whole wheat), and ice cream bon bons.   I ate because I was depressed and wanted to make myself feel better by eating, even though logically I knew it wouldn’t matter and I would feel worse.   Total: about 2,900 calories.   And yes, I tracked it all on daily plate!   Every stupid marshmellow!

Hopefully I will burn it off on today’s long run.

I weighed in at 189.4 yesterday and decided not to weigh in today because I didn’t want to unnecessarily freak with a short term water gain.  I’ll weigh in tomorrow and use the heavier of tomorrow’s weight and Saturday’s weight as my “official” weight.


One comment

  1. Just came to your blog from HYC. I know what you mean about eating to feel better. It is discouraging, but great job tracking every bite! It’s just one day.

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