Bouncing towards the 180s

April 17, 2011

Weight this a.m.: 190.6 (down 1.2 from last week).

But the most exciting thing about weigh ins this week is that my weight dipped into the 180s this week (then I promptly gained my regular 2 pounds of monthly water weight, which always happens to me overnight mid-cycle).  I can’t even wrap my head around it, as I am very used to weighing in the 190s and haven’t been in the 180s for forever.   I am almost in denial about it — for example, I usually think about my weight in terms of planning in my head.   For example (to self): Ok, you’re 192.2 now, if you lose x you will be y by z date.   I’m so unused to the 180s that I started transposing the numbers.  Instead of planning for “189” I was planning for “198.”   Hopefully the 180s will become a new and temporary “normal” for me!


One comment

  1. I read in your previous post that you are the lowest you’ve been in years. That is awesome!!!

    Funny stuff about transposing the numbers! I keep accidently typing 200s instead of 300s *sigh* So, I’m the opposite of you. Some day!!! lol

    Keep up the great work!

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