Healthy You Challenge Check in

April 11, 2011

Weight: 191.8 (down 1.6 from last week)

Food: I’ve mostly stuck to 1500 calories during the week, but various celebrations and eating out came around this weekend and I ate 2,000 calories Friday and Saturday and close to 3,000 on Sunday (my long run day, so hopefully that mitigated any damage……Which brings me to ….

Exercise!:  Going great.   I have kept on my running schedule.   I ran a 10K on Sunday and had my best pace per mile time I have ever had in a race. I finished in 1:04 with a pace of 10:19/mile.  I did cardio resistance training from the program on Jillian Michaels’ website and it kicked my butt!   Three days later and my shoulders and butt are still a bit sore.   My ankle has been bothering me a bit the past week or so, especially while running, but I am trying not to freak out just yet.   If it gets worse or keeps on like this for a little while I will make an appointment with my ortho.



  1. Congrats on your time, that’s so great!

    I hope your ankle heals soon.

  2. You go, girl! You are doing great! But don’t let that ankle thing go on, get it looked at! 🙂 They call me MamaBear for a reason! 😉

  3. Great job on your exercising!!

  4. Ahhh I dream to do a 10k someday!

    Definitely get the ankle checked out! It would be awful to do more permanent damage to it. I hurt mine years ago and I’m still paying for it on occasion. Darn ankles!

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