She’s too fat to run

April 3, 2011

This morning I got ready  to do my long run of the week for my half-marathon training plan.   I ran 6 miles on last week’s long run and, because I had to switch some of the mileage of the program around due to a race next week, my long run this week is 8 miles.

Anytime I run more than six miles, I need to carry water and (usually) sport beans.   Last year, I ran with a friend and we always ran by an outdoor vendor selling water, so there was no need to carry water.   This year, I have moved and my mostly solo long runs do not take my by a water vendor.   So I bought one of those belts that holds four 8 oz water bottles (two in the front and two in the back) and wore it for the first time today.   I felt amazingly self-conscious walking from my house to the park wearing my water belt.   To me, the water belt is something that “serious” runners wear.   I kept thinking that people who saw me walking with the belt on were thinking “Why is she wearing that?   Why would she need that?   She’s too fat to run far enough that she would need to carry water.”

I get that I am a runner — maybe not as fast as others, but relatively solid.  It’s kind of crazy to me that I still have a “she’s too fat/I’m too fat” complex.

And yeah, I did my eight miles!  At a 10:35 min/mi pace, which I was quite pleased with.


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