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I keep holding on!

March 27, 2011

I noticed a few people still look at this blog and wanted to update in case any one real is out there reading this (versus vitamin sellers and spammers)!

I have been maintaining about a 60 pound loss for the past year and a half.   My weight bounches between the low 190s and low 200s.

I started running and I have a true love/hate relationship with it (but mostly love).   I ran the NYC half-marathon last year — all 13.1 miles!   And I’m training for another half in a few months.

My life has changed for the better in ways I couldn’t have imagined.   I am so much more at home and comfortable in my body and in life.   I feel things — the mostly good the sometimes bad —  instead of being comfortably numb.   I found a new job — one of that gives me so much more autonomy and that doesn’t require constant sacrifices from and intrusion into my daily life.

I am thrilled that I maintained my loss, and I’m planning to move on to my next plan to lose 25 pounds before my next half.  That would take me to 75 lost total — 8 down in two weeks (hello water weight gain/loss!), 17 to go in the next 8 weeks.  My plan:  1200-1500 cals day/5 days a week; 1500 net cals or less one day a week; 1800 net cals 0r less the day of my long run.   Exercise Minimum: Running – Marathon half plan.  Equals — One long run a week (starting at 5 miles and building to 12 — currently am on 6); Run outside 3-5 miles two days/week; speed and hill training on treadmill one day per week.   Cross train one day per week.   Plus I am trying to do at least 15 sets of weights twice a week.   I really can’t get excited about doing weights, but it will be good to do some functional training for my legs.   Plus going to try: More yoga, walk to or from work (3.5 miles) once the weather gets warmer, one or two “fitness ridge” days where I basically exercise all day!


I just need to do it!  I don’t want to waste my life and regret that I didn’t do this in ten years.

Maybe I’ll even start blogging again!