Way Off Track, But Feeling Okay

October 28, 2009

For some reason, I felt compelled to just sit around and eat.   Wow, have I eaten.   Cupcakes, cookies, yogurt smoothies, ice cream, large bowls of steel cut oats with sugar, popcorn, thai food.

I am afraid to step on the scale.

I spend so much time thinking about food that I want, planning what I might eat and going out of my way to get certain foods.  What’s interesting is that I don’t even like a lot of the food once it’s on my plate and I don’t eat the entire thing.   The cupcakes?   Ate the frosting, tossed the rest.  Ice cream, get sick of eating it halfway through an ice cream pop.   Thai food?   Take out never tastes that good.   I end up eating half or less.    Yet I can never seem to remember that in the planning stages.   And I eat a lot of calories, waste a lot of money and become overly preoccupied with food.   So I took a picture of a half-eaten cupcake that I tossed in the trash and have vowed to make myself look at it before deciding whether I want to go out of the way to pick up and pay $2 apiece for cupcakes I don’t finish.   I am posting a cupcake in the garbage picture for an additional reminder.cupcake


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