Emotional Eating

September 30, 2009

Oh, how I long for the days when I consistently stuck to 1,600 calories a day!  

My calories are now in the 2000s four to five days out of seven.   I am fitting in all my extra calories at night or on the weekend.   During the week, I am good about my three solid meals plus one snack.   But I keep buying a Haagen Dazs ice cream bar and large bag of popcorn to eat after dinner.   920 extra calories a day!  On the weekend, I have turned into a grazer of delicious and mostly unprocessed foods.   Then, at night, if I am alone, I add two cupcakes to top it off. 

It scares me that I look forward to my snacks.   I am maintaing my weight, because I have been exercising regularly and because I have 2-3 days at 1500 calories.  But my mind is getting used to being cheered up by food. 

I have to say however that I am proud of myself.   This is the place where I might ordinarily give up.   But how can I?   I’ve lost close to 50 pounds.  How can I turn my back on that accomplishment?   The only thing I can do is strive to do better.   To address my problems without food.   To that end my new goal is as follows:

1.   Count and log everything!!!!!   Every day!!!!

2.   Keep my calories to 1,500 at least five days a week.   I can go over on the other days if I want, but I need to log it and be aware!

3.  No secret eating!   If I need to lie about it or hide it from friends/family, I cannot eat it.   If I would not feel comfortable telling people that I am going to the store to buy cupcakes, I am not buying them.



  1. Good luck with your goals and weight loss. You should be proud of a 50 lb. weight loss. That rocks!

  2. You have to focus on the fact that you have come such a long way in your weight loss goals and you are doing the right thing in making yourself accountable by posting your results on your blog. If there is anything else that I can do to help then please let me know

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