Weekly Weigh-in

September 28, 2009

Down 2.0 pounds “officially” this week to 207.8.

My eating has been off track.   Way off track.   I seem to do okay Monday – Thursday, generally hold it together Friday, but when the weekend comes I feel compelled to eat.  I don’t know if it’s stress, boredom or something else.   I don’t even love the junk food I am eating, but I keep going back for more.

Do I need to understand why to get myself to stop?



  1. That’s a very good question. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer. But congrats on your weight loss!

  2. You’re not alone! So many people struggle with weekends. For me, it’s the lack of routine: it’s so easy to stay on track when I’m up at the same time, eat at the same time, work out at the same time during the week. But then the weekend arrives and it’s full of staying up and sleeping in and non-stop errands and go-go-go. Gah! It wears me out just thinking about it! lol

    I know it’s easier said than done, but if you’re not at a point where you’re ready to completely change your weekends (I know I’m not), at least try to cut yourself a little bit of slack and look forward to getting back on track on Mondays. 🙂

  3. Weekends are usually the hardest. It’s a time to unwind and relax and who really wants to be watching what they eat when the good eating happens on the weekends?

    But 2 pounds for the week is a great loss. So maybe you’re not doing too much damage letting loose on the weekends. Maybe you can try making up for it by moving more? Just a thought

    Congrats on an awesome loss!

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