My Experience at Fitness Ridge

September 8, 2009

I am back from Fitness Ridge.  What am amazing experience!   I should have blogged about it while there but between having to finish an article up for work and exercising 6 hours a day I was simply too exhausted.    

So I will try to do it justice in one long post.   All of the exercise that I have done is logged on my Exercise Log.

Pre-Fitness Ridge (a.k.a. Vegas)

I was actually looking forward to Vegas more than Fitness Ridge.   I was envisioning several days of spa time, gym time, pool lounging and gambling at night.   But I spent a lot of time stressing about work, never made it to a gym or spa, and just felt a bit drained.   I did make it to the pool and and the blackjack tables.   It was fun, but tiring.   I ate too much, but definitely within reason for vegas.

Fitness Ridge

I arrived with some trepidation.   A tasty meal of pasta and meat sauce helped divert my attention.   K and I spent some time on the elliptical and doing laps in the pool. 

Monday through Friday we hiked for two to three hours each morning followed by breakfast, a lecture and a yoga or water aerobics class.   Then lunch, another lecture, two exercise classes, and another yoga or water aerobics class.   The classes included cardio interval type classes, step aerobics, weight/cardio circuits, or core work.  

I pushed myself mentally and physically, encouraged by some of the awesome people I meant there.   I was gasping for breath and it was a wonderful feeling.  I really turned a corner when I ran my first mile on Monday.   I told myself I would do five minutes at 5 mph on the treadmill.   I pushed to eight, then ten, and then said “do you want to run a mile”?   I wanted to and I did.   From then on I just kept pushing myself — doing things on hikes I was not 100% comfortable doing, running when I might otherwise walk. 

The food was quite good — nothing I didn’t like and very filling for 1200 calories.   

Saturday we headed up the Stop Sign hike, the same hike that we did Monday morning (I clocked in at 1:11).   My plan was to jog the flat and downhill sections and walk the uphill.   For most of the way up, I was with a group of five or so women from my group.   We kept the pace for each other; interchangeably passing one another.   It really helped me keep my pace and time.   I ended up making it up in 1:01:39, shaving 9 and a half minutes off my first time.   I headed back down with three of the women from my group.   We made it all the way back to the bottom, for a total of 8.6 miles.   After that we had circuit and stretch.   I was so sore going into circuit, that I did not believe I would be able to do anything other than walk stiltedly on the treadmill, but then I started pounding out 2 minute intervals of 5.5 mph and 6 mph.  I even did another minute at 7 mph!

In the afternoon, we lolled about by the pool.   The idea of taking bikes out seemed laughable.   We were all so sore.   It hurt to even sit down!   Had a nice couple of rounds of pool volleyball and read by the pool

I lost 4.8 pounds and 2% body fat (FR scales said 4 pounds and 5% body fat, but for consistency’s sake I will stick with my numbers).  I put a deposit down for another visit.


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  1. WOW! Sounds like a great experience! Great weight loss!

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