Fitness Ridge

August 31, 2009

I arrived at Fitness Ridge today.   I am so excited for this program — it’s going to be amazing.   We had dinner and orientation.   After that my friend Katherine (with whom I am traveling) and I went for a swim and did some cardio at the gym.   Hopefully we won’t be too sore because we are going on a big (i.e. uphill) hike tomorrow morning.   Wake up call at 5:45 am – ouch!   

Vegas was okay, but not the fitness vacation I had planned.   Basically, I didn’t exercise at all and ate a fair amount and various buffets, thought definitely better than I would have a few years ago.   I also drank rum and cokes at the blackjack table.   Anyway, I weighed in at Fitness Ridge at 216 — I think that makes sense given that I was wearing more clothes than I normally do for at home weigh ins, it was the middle of the day versus first thing in the morning, and following a meal of a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake (so worth it!).   

Check in soon!



  1. Hope you have a wonderful, healthy time!

  2. Well, looks like you really enjoyed your trip. Forget about today. Focus on tomorrow. Work harder!

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