You’ve lost a lot of weight!

August 8, 2009

I got three wow!-like comments about my weight loss this week.    First, I saw my aunt.   She literally said Wow!   Last time I saw her was in June when I was at 230.    Next, one of my boss’s secretaries who I have not seen in a few months told me, “You look great — you must be working out a lot!”   Then I saw one of the partners at my firm (who I sometimes see in the gym lockerroom).   Just as we were ending a brief conversation, she said, “by the way — you look fantastic!”   

Immediately after I felt great — just very happy about my progress.   Then doubt and anxiety crept in — first, what would they think if I gained the weight back?   Second, I am still fat, so how bad did I really look 4 months ago?   

Now I’m back to feeling good!

In other news: weight is around 217 and I’m still eating popcorn and ice cream.



  1. Oh, why do we let that sneaky doubt creep into our minds?

    CONGRATS on the wonderful compliments! Congrats on your great weight loss!

  2. LOL – what are you like? You WON’T gain it back – this is IT this time!

    And, it is lovely when people notice – enjoy it!

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