Week 15: Guess it wasn’t so temporary

August 3, 2009

The two pounds has stayed on.   I can’t be frustrated at the scale as I am not following my calorie plan.   I am eating too much.   

Back on track today.   Lots of fish, vegetables, and fruit.   1250 calories for the day.   

I am making a strict vow to not go above 1600 this week except on a long bike ride day.   

I updated my stats .



  1. Hang in there. My daily calorie goal is 1600 every day. Too few calories can stall the weight loss, too.

  2. Bother (or words to that effect)!

    Yep, eat good healthy food and you will get it back down again. GOod luck!

  3. you will get rid of those two pounds before you know it! you got this!

  4. Jump right back on track & you’ll see those pounds gone in no time!

    Hope you are able to rev up your mojo again & have a great week!

  5. Don’t be too strict on yourself and enjoy the process! You have come a looong way and are doing great things for your body!! Give yourself more credit!! 😀

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