Week 7 Weigh-in

June 8, 2009

I lost 3 pounds this week.   My body fat percentage has remained the same over the past couple of weeks.  I updated my stats.

I am really happy about the loss.   I have been struggling a lot lately the past few days.   I have stayed within my calorie range, but have not been making the best food choices. 

I attended a big family gathering yesterday and everyone commented on how I looked as though I had lost weight.   Everyone was pretty understated and very nice.  Although I probably should feel good about it, I really just feel self-conscious.  Weight is a really sensitive topic between me and older women in my family.   I feel as though I am constantly being sized up and judged.  At this point, it’s easier for me not to discuss it with them at all.



  1. 24lbs is a great loss. I can imagine how self conscious, it must feel. I never know how to react when someone tells me that my face looks smaller, my ass is smaller etc. I have learnt to say thank you and leave it at that.

    That said, I don’t see the weight loss. Apart from an area or two that looks marginally better, I still feel fat so, bah. I need more self love.

  2. You are doing wonderfully! Congrats on the great loss. And when people say they can tell the difference, just smile and say “Thanks! I’m trying to take better care of myself.”

  3. Congratulations on 3 pounds! That’s great. And people are noticing the difference! But I do understand feeling self-conscious. I do feel self-conscious at most any compliment, but especially ones in the weight loss area.

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