Why can’t I stop thinking about food?

June 3, 2009

I don’t know what is wrong with me.   I cannot stop thinking about food today.   My stomach should be relatively full, but my body feels starved.   I just want to go home, throw myself on the couch, and eat for about two hours.    I am pissed that I can’t.

Updated on Thursday to add: I sort of did okay with this one.   I had a frozen Amy’s tofu vegetable lasagna and then some Trader Joe’s ice cream bon bons.  Not great, but not terrible.   I stayed just below the upper limit of my calorie range.  

 Odd how what was certainly a primarily emotional craving feels so phsyical.   I am working on addressing my emotional needs with non-food items and am generally doing much better.   I have heard that one’s neurological pathways can become triggered to make you feel hungry when you are feeling certain emotions.   These thoughts need to be retrained.   So I probably did not do any retraining work yesterday, but I did stay within my calorie range.


One comment

  1. I find that when this happens, I am really trying to avoid some task, or ultimately, some feelings. Typically, I eat when I feel those feelings, and when I change my mindset not to eat emotionally, the feelings still come and I feel the urge to eat. Not being able to (because I try to choose not to eat emotionally), I have to find another alternative to deal with those feelings. It’s not easy, since those feelings have been shoved down for so long, and bubble up quickly and strongly. Sometimes I’m eating to shove them down again before I’m really aware that that is what I am doing. It’s a painful, but freeing process if you can get through it. Hope you made it through!

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