Week 6 Weigh in – 21 pounds gone!

June 1, 2009

I lost 4.2 pounds this week! Yay! I updated my stats and my goals .

I feel like all of this is really clicking for me. It just makes so much sense – create a calorie deficit through food and exercise, exercise to feel good, keep up your metabolism, and burn fat, and stop eating processed fake foods.

I’m still dealing with emotional issues and self-doubt, but I do feel great.

I did overindulge a bit on Saturday — I generally ate well during the day, but at dinner I had a chicken, a bowl of rice, and half a bottle of wine. I went out for dinner with a friend. Sidewalk cafe plus warm weather pretty much guarantees that I am going to have a glass of white wine. Reasons I don’t regret it: satisfied a craving for wine (situational), tasty, I don’t drink very often, and it did not throw me off my path on Sunday. Reasons I do slightly regret it: having half a bottle instead of one glass and blowing my calorie allowance (eating 1850 – 250 cals over the top end of my 1,200-1,600 calorie range) for the first time in a month.

Went on a gorgeous bike ride to the beach yesterday — 17 miles round trip. When I got home I did all of my exercises in the Jillian Michaels online program. I am so sore today!



  1. Drinking wine throws me off too. Not only does it lower my will power but the calories in the wine are a waste too.
    Keep at it!
    Food and Sugar Addiction

  2. congrats! 4 lbs gone is awesome!

  3. Great job! Your progress is amazing!

  4. I think it’s important to have those “living real life, enjoying time with friends” moments without obsessing over calorie counts. You are doing an amazing job. Congrats on the great loss!

  5. Wowza on your weight loss… congrats

  6. Awesome job on the weight loss so far!

    I read a study done somewhere that drinking alcohol impeds weight loss for up to a week. And, personally when I drink while there is still loss..I find that the loss isn’t as consistent as the weeks that I don’t drink.

    • Hmmm, I had a great loss that week. Maybe I should drink more ;).

      • lucky you!!

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