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Week 10 Weigh-in (a.k.a. Argh!)

June 29, 2009

I lost one freaking pound this week.   One pound!   Seriously?   Ok, yes, I should be happy, a loss is a loss, etc., etc. 

But one pound after losing half a pound the week prior, I feel frustrated.   I’m eating an average of 1500 calories a day and working out 5 plus times a week.    My weight was down at 224 at midweek and then kept moving up through this morning.  

I updated my stats .


37 mile bike ride

June 28, 2009

I biked 37 miles today!   Can’t believe it.  It was awesome and exhausting.   I rode down to the beach and then rode along a bike path on the beach until I hit the county line.   I was in such a good mood on the way there, I was singing along with songs on my Ipod.   The way back was a bit difficult because I was just so hot and exhausted.   Overall, a great day.


The week of low impact exercise

June 26, 2009

I’m planning a week of low impact exercise this week, in the hopes of lessening the pain in my aggravated ankle:

My plan:

Saturday:  Weight circuits (Jillian Michaels program, substituting high impact cardio for low impact)

Sunday: 15 plus mile bike ride

Monday:  Spin class; weights

Tuesday: Day Off

Wednesday: Spin class; weights

Thursday:  Swimming

Friday:  Session with personal trainer


Feeling a Little Blue

June 23, 2009

I have had a rough time with emotions today.   I am just so down about the constant pain that I am feeling in my ankle and the dawning realization that it is likely never going to go away.  I had a fleeting thought that I just wanted to go home and cram cookies in my mouth.   But I realize that is going to solve nothing.  My ankle pain is likely caused by either scar tissue (which I had hoped because it can be fixed) and/or posttraumatic arthritis. I can be upset and angry, but either way life is going to move forward.   If I don’t move forward, I am going to just get worse.   There is no other option.  There’s no way for me to wave a magic wand or turn back the clock.    But, regardless of what my actual problem is, with every pound I lose I am reducing the amount of stress borne by my ankle by 5-7 pounds.   

My eating today was not horrible, but a bit sporadic, low in fruits/veg and protein.   I ate:

Breakfast: 1.25 cups of Kashi go lean crunch, .75 cup low fat milk, iced espresso (320 cal)

Lunch: Sushi from Whole Foods (tuna and cucumber, 9 pieces) (350 cal)

Snack: Raspberries (90 cal)

Dinner:  Kashi frozen meal and a yogurt smoothie (590 cal)

I did have a nonscale victory.  I was going to buy a bag of cookies in Whole Foods today, thinking “These will be good, I can have one serving every now and then.   Each serving is only 150 calories so I can work it into my calories.”   And that’s true, but there was no need for me to buy cookies when I made a pledge to not eat sweets during the week.  So, I put them back.   Often what I do, is get hungry or feel deprived and respond by planning to eat a larger dinner portion or by stocking up on cookies that I had pledged not to even eat this week.  It felt good to recognize what I was doing, why I was doing it, and then taking a positive action.


Week 9 Weigh In

June 22, 2009

I lost .6 pounds this week. While I have been focusing on all of the struggles I have had keeping my calories where they should be, I didn’t actually have a terrible week. I exercised five days and I keep below my calorie limit on all days except for two, where I went to about 2,000.

I am happy that the body fat percentage number moved.

I updated my stats and my goals .


Goals, Goals, Goals (and the Healthy You Challenge Check In)

June 21, 2009

So how did I do with my three days of goals?   Eh.  Not great, not terrible

Friday I stayed under my calories, but just barely and I had too much alcohol and sweets.   I did my exercises except the calf raises.

Saturday I ate ok, but about 2000 calories (400 over).   I did not exercise.   I did do my calf raises.

Today I ate 1550 calories, not too much crap (although some).   I exercised as planned — even a little more than I had planned — 21 miles on the bike. 

Goals for this week

1600 calories maximum (of good food).   No sweets whatsoever after dinner Monday-Thursday.  

Exercise plan:

Monday:  45 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes resistance training

Tuesday:  1 hour cardio

Wednesday: 45 minutes cardio, 30 minutes resistance training

Thursday:  1 hour cardio

Friday:  Session with personal trainer

Saturday:  Rest day

Sunday:  Bike ride or cardio resistance training

Walk to/from walk at least four times (more if possible)

Do 100 calf raises and 100 knee bends each day


Goals for the Next 3 Days

June 19, 2009

After I wrote my post last night, I went ahead and had a bowl of cereal.  Seriously?!?  What is up with me?  I know what I am doing is not compatible with what I want to achieve and then I go ahead and do it after blogging about how I should not do it.

Ok, so my goals for the next 3 days:

1.  Nutrition: No more than 1600 calories a day.  At least 25 grams of fiber each day and at least 35% of my calories coming from protein. 

2.  Exercise:

Today: 2 mile walk (done), session with personal trainer

Tomorrow: 50 minutes of cardio resistance training

Sunday:  17 mile bike ride (weather dependent) or 50 minutes of cardio resistance training and a 2 mile walk.

Each day:  100 calf raises on my right leg.

Okay– This is what I am doing.  I am not going to let myself get off track.