Exercise Victory

May 26, 2009

About a month ago I biked about 7 miles, with my path including one or two arduous uphill climbs.   During the uphill segment I was dying and had to pull over and take a break.

This time I was determined not to take a break.   I was riding up the hill and passed what looked like my previous rest stop, but I thought that it couldn’t be that because it was too early in the uphill segment.   When I got to the top of the hill I thought for sure that there was another, steeper incline that I had not yet reached.   Then I saw the exit to the trail!   I am amazed that I not only did not rest this time, but thought I still had more to go when I passed the last hill.  

Then I did it again!  I biked about 13 miles total.

This morning I did an hour of incline walking on the Nordic Track incline treadmill.   I did between 5%-15% inclines, with 1 minute at no incline for rest, at 3.5 mph.  I was dying through most of it, but I feel great now.



  1. That’s really great progress on the bike. You should be so proud! Isn’t it funny how quickly our bodies can adapt to doing what we ask them to do? Great job!

  2. Wow awesome on the bike!!!

  3. Whooo, you rock!

    That is terrific & you should be very proud of yourself.

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