Farmers Market

May 23, 2009

Bought some excellent things at my local farmer’s market this morning– tomatoes, strawberries, a sweet potato, and asparagus.   I also picked up some homemade granola.  The granola is high in calories, but I thought it might make a good addition in small quantities.  I am thinking of mixing it in with plain yogurt and/or fruit for snacks or breakfast.   

I went to brunch with a friend, and had more huevos rancheros — including the corn tortilla.   I’m still going to stick with my calorie range.   I have been debating adding a higher calorie day in – maybe at 1,800 or 2,000, but I think I am eating enough calories by sticking to a range of 1200-1600 and an average of 1400.   I’m on the fence right now.  Maybe I will try it one time and see if it slows weight loss down.   

I am taking a day off from strenuous exercise today, but I have walked around 4 miles or so today.   It’s really easy to get a lot of walking in when you don’t have a car!


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