Switching Gears a Little

May 17, 2009

I did well nutrition-wise this week- introducing one or two higher GI index good carbs into my diet this week. I think I am going to switch gears a bit and focus on a goal of eating between 1,200 and 1,600 calories per day focusing on eating unprocessed, organic, healthy foods. I will still be looking to lower GI foods mainly, but want to focus on calories as a goal. I think I am down about 2 pounds this week, but will officially weigh in tomorrow.

One of the things that has really surprised me is how much easier it has been for me to eating in the 1,200 calorie range. I really think that Phase 1 was good for me in that it helped control my sugar cravings and blood sugar, which just feels so much more in control.

Also I am revising a previous set goal of completing 25 hours of exercise, because it’s just too boring to keep track. Instead I am going to complete over the course of a month, the equivalent of an Iron Man Triathalon. I will still be doing other types of exercise such as the elipitical, but this just seemed like a fun way to keep track of things. Plus, it will encourage me to get in the pool, which I really need to do given my sore knee and bum ankle :(.

Speaking of, I apparent have patella femoral syndrome because my right medial knee muscles never strengthened after my bone graft surgery. Also, am having an MRI on my ankle this week. The doctor was confident that it’s problems caused be scar tissue in my joint. I still can’t get over being angry at myself for having this surgery. It’s pointless I know, but I remain fixated. I wish I knew how to forgive myself.

I tried Level 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I thought it was good, but my knee was really aggravated by some of the cardio because it’s all jumping. I’m going to hold off on going back to that until I have had a chance to complete some PT.


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