The Biggest Loser

May 14, 2009

Okay, I am so bummed that Tara did not win.   Despite the weight percentages, I really did feel like she truly excelled.   I wish there were some other ways that “winning” could be measured.   Plus Helen just really grates on me.  

I actually neve used to watch The Biggest Loser.   I watched Season 2, then only the last third of this season.   But for some reason, I am now obsessed.  I am watching reruns of Season 6 on the Fine Living Network!   Must be the whole weight loss journey thing.

I am becoming a bit neurotic about weighing myself every day.  I think that will ultimately sabotage my efforts — i.e., I will see a gain after one “good” day and despite understanding the reasons for weight fluctuations I will start to think that it’s not working or it’s not worth it — so I am trying to skip every day weigh ins.   I managed to do that this morning only by scarfing down breakfast as soon as I got up!


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