May 9, 2009

I woke up starving today.   I ate an omelet with 3 eegs, cheese, and onions plus coffee with one cup of lowfat milk.   Then for lunch I had meat.   I have not been eating as many vegetables as I usually do on the South Beach Diet.

I have been feeling shaky all day as though my blood sugar is too low, although I feel completely full.   I ate some tomatoes and then two bowls of tomato soup, which made me a feel a bit better, although still a bit off.   I am craving bread and sugar stronger than I ever have during Days 1-12.   It’s so bad that I feel like I need to make myself go to bed to avoid eating cookies.  

I feel too full to eat beans, but I am going to have some lemon juice and hummus just to try to get some carbs and sugar in.


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