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Lingering Self-Doubt

May 29, 2009

I finally managed to take a few days off from the scale.  I saw a 4 plus pound drop this morning, which I’m still a little suspicious of.   If that’s right, I’m at 20.8 pounds gone!   I have never lost that much weight on purpose in all of my life. 

Part of me is celebrating.  But there’s a cloud of doubt hovering over this little party.   I still have desires to comfort myself with food.   I feel like I can’t fight those demons forever. 

I am loving this plan, but won’t I fall off the wagon soon?   And when I fall off, what if I take too long to get back on?   What if I never get back on?

And when I lose this weight, how can I maintain it?   Do skinny people have desires to eat a four pack of cupcakes?   Do they have binge days?   I have trouble envisioning that I can function normally in the long-term.   Will I stop having these urges?   Can I retrain my brain?


Exercise Victory

May 26, 2009

About a month ago I biked about 7 miles, with my path including one or two arduous uphill climbs.   During the uphill segment I was dying and had to pull over and take a break.

This time I was determined not to take a break.   I was riding up the hill and passed what looked like my previous rest stop, but I thought that it couldn’t be that because it was too early in the uphill segment.   When I got to the top of the hill I thought for sure that there was another, steeper incline that I had not yet reached.   Then I saw the exit to the trail!   I am amazed that I not only did not rest this time, but thought I still had more to go when I passed the last hill.  

Then I did it again!  I biked about 13 miles total.

This morning I did an hour of incline walking on the Nordic Track incline treadmill.   I did between 5%-15% inclines, with 1 minute at no incline for rest, at 3.5 mph.  I was dying through most of it, but I feel great now.


July 4th Goal/Challenge

May 25, 2009

I am challenging myself to lose an additional 7% of my body weight by July 4.  I will need to get down to 221.4 for this to happen.  

Let me know if you are interested in joining this challenge.   We can post our progress together.


Week 5 Weigh In

May 25, 2009

Week 5 Weigh In: I lost 1.4 pounds and 1% of body fat. I also lost some more inches.
I updated my stats and my goals .

I’m happy with a loss, but have to admit that I am also disappointed simply because I thought that I should have lost more based on my calorie burn (I would have estimated about 3 lbs).

I am really happy that I am continuing to drop my body fat percentage because it indicates to me that I am not losing any muscle (and am actually gaining a little muscle). Based on my calculations, I have lost over 17 pounds of fat in the past month!


Weekend Non-Warrior

May 24, 2009

I am still continuing with my plan.   I signed up for Jillian Michaels website for some additional support and exercise plans.   

Today is a day off from exercise, but I am still doing a lot of walking.   I feel like I have so much more energy and I am so much happier than I was a month ago.  I think it is because of the exercise.

The scale is still not moving though, continuing to bounce around at 238.   My body fat percentage has dropped by 1-2% since last week, which seems like too large of a drop.  My official weigh-in is tomorrow.


Farmers Market

May 23, 2009

Bought some excellent things at my local farmer’s market this morning– tomatoes, strawberries, a sweet potato, and asparagus.   I also picked up some homemade granola.  The granola is high in calories, but I thought it might make a good addition in small quantities.  I am thinking of mixing it in with plain yogurt and/or fruit for snacks or breakfast.   

I went to brunch with a friend, and had more huevos rancheros — including the corn tortilla.   I’m still going to stick with my calorie range.   I have been debating adding a higher calorie day in – maybe at 1,800 or 2,000, but I think I am eating enough calories by sticking to a range of 1200-1600 and an average of 1400.   I’m on the fence right now.  Maybe I will try it one time and see if it slows weight loss down.   

I am taking a day off from strenuous exercise today, but I have walked around 4 miles or so today.   It’s really easy to get a lot of walking in when you don’t have a car!


Jillian Michaels on KFI

May 22, 2009

I recently started listening to Jillian Michaels’ podcasts on KFI.   I find them really motivational and I have really learned a lot about health/fitness issues from listening to them.    While I have always had a general understanding that certain foods are “bad” and others “good” hearing Jillian discuss the mechanics of why and how these foods really work and impact our bodies has made a tremendous difference in how I think about food. 

For instructions on how to download the podcasts see: Sun Sentinel Weblog

For even earlier archived podcasts, check out Matthew McNutt’s blog (do a search for “Jillian Michaels”, the files can them be easily downloaded and transferred to your MP3 player): Matthew McNutt

Even older podcasts are archived at Mediafly. (Again, do a search for “Jillian Michaels”).